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NeoGraft – An Easy & Effective Technique to Perform FUE Hair Transplantation.


With increasing stress in our lives, people have started to suffer tremendously. Stress has been associated with excessive hair loss. Losing hair is a definite problem in young men and women and they have now started to look for hair transplantation procedures and other alternative therapies. In this blog we have tried to give you a fair idea on a procedure which is termed as ‘Neo Graft’.  Being one of the unique procedures, Neo Graft allows you to get back the same natural lustrous hair back on your head. This process is best applicable to patients who suffer from the problem of hair loss due to genetic factors.

The process is known to be one of the best as it allows least invasion. At the same time, the process requires minimum engagement. Simultaneously, it allows you to have quick and easy growth of naturally lustrous hair. After undergoing the surgery, you can immediately get back to work.

What is Neo graft hair transplant?

Neo graft hair transplant in Delhi requires a machine which helps in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The device is a surgical one which takes out hair follicles from the donor area, and then places it in the recipient area. It deploys a suction based system while implanting hair follicles into the recipient area. The machine is understood to be partially automatic.

Difference between FUE and Neo graft hair transplant:-

Many patients are curious about knowing both the procedures; therefore, in this blog we have tried to give an idea on both the processes. Please note the following points with respect to both the procedures.

With Follicular Unit hair transplant technique hair grafts are usually crafted from back of the scalp to the best donor area. The process of transplantation followed during FUE and Neo Graft Transplantation remains to be same, but the difference lies in harvesting. As far as FUE is concerned, a special tool is used by surgeons to extract the graft. However, Neo graft is a harvesting system that is completely automated.  It has no touch implantation technology.

How Neo graft works?

Neo Graft deploys a device that separates grafts from the surrounding donor’s tissue. This is done with a rotating sharp punch along with a suction unit. Once the upper part of the hair graft is dissected, suction allows the graft to be pulled out. This graft is then removed from the remaining tissue. Suction acts as a catalyst in removing the protective tissue. Neo Graft procedure increases the risk of drying. This in turn increases the graft fragility.

One of the major disadvantages of this process is that it exposes the graft to rapidly moving dry hair. The dry hair rushes continuously through the tubing and chamber.  This can increase the risk of injury from desiccation. The procedure allows manual excision and approximately 50 grafts are extracted from the back of the scalp at a time. The harvested grafts are then placed in a petri-dish which contains a saline holding solution.

A needle or a scalpel can be used for recipient sites which are created in the donor area of the scalp. This is where the grafts are placed after they are harvested. During the placement phase, a small number of extracted grafts are removed from the holding solution.  These grafts are then again sucked into the needle tipped device one at a time. At the end, such grafts are then injected individually into the recipient sites using air pressure.

Its limitations:-

There are some risks associated with the suction function of Neo Graft machine. This is in contrast to the manual or more advanced robotic FUE:-

  • A drying injury can happen, while grafts are being removed.
  • Around the harvested grafts a continuous flow of dry air is created.  This can aggravate the drying injury.

Keeping the above points in mind, some experts suggest that, FUE is a much advanced process in comparison to Neo Graft hair transplantation process.


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