Indian and Foreign TV celebrities who have undergone hair transplant Surgery


Hair transplant has become more or less common in this era of pollution and improper upkeep of hair. We are all conscious about our hair and about flaunting different hair styles.

This is more in the cases of celebrities who have to keep up to the expectation of their fans through their performance as well as appearance, with hair do taking the center stage. Environmental conditions, bright studio lights and blazing sun are some of the reasons of premature hair loss for celebrities. While some have kept it a secret, many others have lauded the techniques of hair transplant, even, sometimes campaigning for their services. Here are some notable celebrities, who have undergone hair transplant to keep up their image to the public.

Foreign Celebrities :

  • Matthew McConaughey :

Matthew McConaughey, winner of Oscar Award, had flowing locks of hair in his youth, which started falling by 1999. After hair transplant, he was able to restore his hair, and was named the Sexiest Man Alive, by People in 2005.



  • John Travolta :

John Travolta, once having a thinning head, now has a head full of hair, just like the one he had when shooting for Saturday Night Fever, most probably due to a hair transplant.



  • Mel Gibson :

After reaching the peak of his career, after Mad Max, Braveheart, Lethal Weapon and The Patriot, he started to come down the ladder, also punctuated by the loss of hair. Ow he has that originally looking beautiful hair, maybe after having a hair transplant.



  • Sean Penn :

There was a time when Sean Penn had his hair to be envied by the young generation, until, due to aging, his hairline started receding. Now, after opting for hair transplant, he has the look back again.



  • Sir Elton John :

The famous piano player, Sir Elton John had to do with a hair transplant, after experiencing hair loss. Now, he is what he looks when you see his latest photos.



  • Jude Law :

Life has changed for Jude Law, after his hair transplant, which is still a rumor.



  • David Beckham :

Hectic schedule made David Beckham being careless about his hair, and when balding started to grow, he decided for a surgery, which leaves him now with a great looking hair.



  • Sylvester Stallone :

When Sylvester Stalone noticed his hair fall during his hey days, he did not waste time in deciding to opt for hair transplant, for which he now looks great, flaunting the hairstyle which is absolutely personal.



  • Robbie Williams :

To maintain his status as a sex symbol, Robbie Williams decided to take to hair transplant, as, his hair was drying up when he was in his forties.



There are Indian celebrities also, who had hair transplants to keep their image as expected by their fans.

  • Salman Khan :

Of late, Salman has been flaunting different types of hair styles, which has made him elevate the ranks as a superstar. This could not have been possible if he did not undergo a hair transplant, which helped him recover from baldness.

sallu hair transplant


  • Govinda :

Govinda has always been in the hearts of millions with his superb acting and of course for his hair styles. It was only last year that he opted for hair transplant, when he found his hair fall beyond ontrol. Today, he is back again in his original form.



  • Amitabh Bachchan :

Amitabh Bachchan -The Shenhsah of Bollywood, undergone the hair transplant surgery when he noticing the baldness started occurring on the head.

amitabh hair transplant


  • Himesh Reshamiya :

The famous singer of Bollywood, always hide his balding head through his trademark cap. But, after the hair transplant surgery he got wonderful results and now have thick long hairs.






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