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How much does the hair transplant cost in India?


India is one of the preferred destinations for medical solutions in the world today due to affordability and many more reasons. The treatment rates for hair transplant in India are practically the most competitive world over. Interestingly, the cost of hair transplant in India is a dollar plus on average at most professional clinics, and so renowned and experienced physicians will present every patient with impeccable results which are in comparison with the best treatment centers in other countries. However, people seeking cheap and affordable hair treatment will also know that the cost of hair transplant is usually determined by a number of factors. Cost will go up and down but is dependent upon the amount of grafts to be harvested and planted. In other words, when opting for a hair transplant, one will need to take the following salient points into consideration:

1. The present stage of hair loss or thinning: this means analyzing the severity of the problem.
2. The size and amount of the follicular units: amount of follicular units to be harvested which       will be determined by the clinical surgeon.
3. Density Desire: the desired density of the hair can readily affect the cost of hair transplant.

The reason behind India being preferred for such surgery is due to it is highly affordability rate. From research, it is basically equivalent with techniques offered across other parts of the world. Hair transplant is open to all those potential patients who can afford to travel to India, as this treatment method has seen India in a new medical revolution attracting people world over. The fact that the cost of a transplant is pocket deep for most patients especially in countries like the UK and the US, has made more people resort to traveling to India for the same treatment but at least affordable for them. The quality of medical care services available in India is quite affordable and this is because India has long been into health cleansing and research. However, another fact of the matter is that the clinical doctors in Indian hospitals are some of the most talented in the world. So hair treatment cost in any Indian hospital can get lowered due to the following below reasons:
1. Low physician fees
2. Low cost of the clinic or hospital
3. Low cost per graft
4. Low transportation and living cost
5. Low maintenance cost

The cost of a transplant in India can also be tracked according to the number of grafts required for harvest as well as the patient’s donor and in layman’s terms; this means cost is determined based on the techniques and the number of hair follicles per graft to be harvested. For instance, the cost of a FUT procedure goes for between twenty (20) to forty (40) rupees per hair graft harvested, while the cost of a FUE procedure is charged from between fifty (50) to eighty (80) rupees per graft harvested.


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