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Hair Transplant: A Method To Revamp Your Dull Hairline


A man in style must have a trendy hairstyle; no matter how expensive clothes he wears, baldness or thin hairline may make his efforts go in vain. Hairs are the key feature of any human being that completes their looks. Although we all are born with a healthy hairline, but aging, medical condition or increasing pollution may affect the hair growth and can also cause hair loss issues.

The solution to the problem of hair loss is FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT. FUE is an abbreviation used for Follicular Unit Extraction. In this method, hair follicles are transplanted from a denser growth area to the area affected with hair loss problem.

The procedure:

FUE is different from other hair transplant procedure because it focuses on the extraction of the single follicular unit and transplants it the same way. FUE is a two-phased procedure:

  • Extraction:  This method concentrates on follicle unit transplant. Follicles are a group of 2-5 hairs that grow naturally on your scalp. The therapist uses a round punch to extract the follicles from the scalp.
  • Implanting:  The follicles thus extracted are implanted safely onto the bald site of the patient.  This complete procedure requires expert supervision and hands on experience.

FUE hair transplant is a procedure that delivers long lasting effects and is very cost-effective. It also has certain risk factors associated with it but when compared with the benefits, they are negligible.


FUE has a number of advantages in its kitty; a few of them are as follows:

  • Quick healing time: As in FUE the extraction is unit based it does not leave big injuries on the patient’s scalp. This helps in a quick recovery method and decreased healing time.


  • No scars: The FUE methods lack the fear of a linear scar as in FUT. The unit extraction process creates minor scars on the scalps which are almost negligible.


  • Less pain: Due to the extraction of single units the procedure is less painful than other hair transplant techniques.


With all these associated advantages, FUE has become quite popular among the patients and considering the medical developments coming up, it is likely to stay as popular for a long time. It is a cost-effective method to grow your hair naturally. So if you too are suffering from any problem of hair loss FUE is the right solution.



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