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Hair Transplant Consultation Questions – 5 Things You May Not Have Thought to Ask about Loss of Hair


Loss of hair – An introduction:
Loss of hair can be really alarming as this can lead to permanent baldness. Experts claim that, loss of hair affects you differently in different phases. Impact of hair loss can also vary according to your personalities as well. For example for an actor baldness can create an identity crisis in certain cases.
Loss of hair can be triggered through various reasons, which might include the following:

• chronic diseases such as diabetes and thyroid
• An improper diet lacking in minerals and proteins
• Genetic complications and pattern of baldness related to the genes
• Use of harmful chemicals
• Hormonal imbalances
• Pollution of environment
In case of baldness, hair transplantation has emerged to be a most convenient technological intervention that can be implemented in order to control hair fall in humans.
The shock of hair loss is difficult enough. But even for getting a hair transplantation done, one needs to do a thorough planning. Here are the list of 5 things that one should ask prior to going for the process of hair transplantation.

1) Does an actual doctor perform the hair transplant surgery?
Generally, the surgery is performed with the help of trichologists who are technically qualified to induce and execute the surgery. Planting of hair grafts after extraction of healthy hair follicles remain to be done through properly qualified technicians. However, a major role is played by qualified surgeons if you select a good hair transplant clinic on the whole.

2) Does the clinic use travel technicians for their procedures?
To some extent, the answer to this question is yes. Travel technicians in most of the hair clinics are available on contractual calls, depending on the kind of technology being used for. In certain cases doctors would prefer to have their own teams and charges remain to be discrete altogether!

3) What experience does the hair transplant technicians have?
This actually depends on certain specific conditions. A good hair transplantation clinic deploys qualified doctors and a team of technicians who are quite experienced. They ensure that you get one of the best services so that a proper outcome is ensured.

4) What are the doctor’s credentials to perform hair restoration surgery?
A qualified surgeon can perform a hair transplantation surgery. But there are certain mandates which needs to be fulfilled in order to become a qualified surgeon. A qualified surgeon or a “hair restoration surgeon”, qualify upon two things:
1) a medical license
2) the desire to call oneself a “hair restoration surgeon” , which means he is technically qualified

5) Does the doctor attend regular training and medical conferences?
In order to be a good operator and qualified trichologist experts believe that attendance to training and medical conferences is a mandate. This necessarily helps in upgradation of knowledge which remains to be the key towards success.
Reading this blog thoroughly will help you to understand that hair transplantation surgery is a complex cosmetic procedure. The process requires lots of training, experience and attention to detail. Therefore, it is extremely important that, you choose the right location, state of the art clinic and a qualified surgeon. There are various locations in India, where you can perform the hair transplantation process. However, prices for the same might vary till a large extent. For instance, hair transplantation surgery in Ludhiana might differ in terms of quality of service and price in comparison to other locations like that of Bangalore.
Therefore, patients interested to undergo the surgery are requested to do a thorough research before they give the final plunge.


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