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Hair Restoration with Hair Transplant & Other restoration therapies..


‘Crowning Glory’ is the name popularly associated with a woman’s hair. Hair is often considered as one of the most important assets by humans across the world. Losing hair immediately causes concern and anxiety; it makes one run helter‐skelter in search of hair restoration therapy. Hair restoration techniques are vastly available in the market today. But ascertaining the actual cause of hair loss is crucial before going for a hair restoration therapy.


Hair Restoration with Hair Transplant


Hair loss other than due to genetic factors like diet, medication or abuse of hairstyle product scan be treated with hair restoring techniques like scalp massage or medicines at affordable costs. But hair loss due to genetic factors cannot be treated with ease; hair restoration in such cases requires surgical procedures like hair transplantation or grafting; non‐surgical techniques like the laser therapy. Medical hair restoration techniques include treatment with medicinal compounds like Finasteride (Brand name: Propecia)—a drug initially used for prostrate complications now effectively used for hair restoration—or Minoxidil (Brand name: Rogaine) widely used across the world for hair restoration and hair fall prevention.

Under surgical hair restoration techniques, Scalp Reduction Surgery is one that an expert surgeon performs to replace a patch of bald scalp with the adjoining hair‐bearing scalp. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is another hair restoration technique which employs a micro-surgical instrument to extract follicular units one‐by‐one from a patient’s bald resistant area and grafted at the patient’s bald area. Grafting also is a surgical hair restoration technique which involves striping of healthy hair‐bearing patches and transferring them to the patient’s bald areas. Laser Hair Transplant is a minor surgical hair restoration procedure which employs a laser tool to graft hair; it is however considered inferior to FUI, due to the bleeding it causes.

Among the non‐surgical hair restoration techniques, laser hair restoration is considered to be the best solution; it uses infra‐red light emissions to increase blood flow to hair follicles, which in turn stimulate hair growth. Laser Luce LDS 100® and Laser Combs are some of the typical products used with laser hair restoration therapy.


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