NeoGraft – An Easy & Effective Technique to Perform FUE Hair Transplantation.

With increasing stress in our lives, people have started to suffer tremendously. Stress has been associated with excessive hair loss. Losing hair is a definite problem in young men and women and they have now started to look for hair transplantation procedures and other alternative therapies. In this blog we have tried to give you… Read More »

Calculate the degree of hair loss in Women with Ludwig Scale

More than 50% of adult women of all age group suffer from hair loss problem. Pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopaecia increases with advancing age. The result is a receding hair density on the crown and front of the scalp. The commonest effect of the problem is in the psychological setback and the social embarrassment… Read More »

Awesome ! Hair Transplant surgery gives back 100% natural hair

Before explaining hair transplant first we need to know bit about hair loss. Nowadays, most of the people are suffering from Hair loss. Do you know what hair loss is? Ok, I am going to show you. Hair loss is the condition when someone loses more than 100 hairs per day. In medical language it… Read More »

How much does the hair transplant cost in India?

India is one of the preferred destinations for medical solutions in the world today due to affordability and many more reasons. The treatment rates for hair transplant in India are practically the most competitive world over. Interestingly, the cost of hair transplant in India is a dollar plus on average at most professional clinics, and… Read More »

Hair Restoration with Hair Transplant & Other restoration therapies..

‘Crowning Glory’ is the name popularly associated with a woman’s hair. Hair is often considered as one of the most important assets by humans across the world. Losing hair immediately causes concern and anxiety; it makes one run helter‐skelter in search of hair restoration therapy. Hair restoration techniques are vastly available in the market today.… Read More »

5 Natural Remedies to Treat Grey Hair Using Amla

Hair graying is a common issue faced by male and female both. Some people face it by age and some people face it because of several different reasons such as health issues, pollution and bad habits, etc. But, treating it with natural resources is more beneficial and recommended than applying hair colors that contain chemicals.… Read More »